The dilemma of you ❤️

(Background: I hail from a scientific background . But that doesn’t stop me from believing in destinies and reincarnations . One way to justify moksha from my perspective is that our soul is a form of unexplainable energy , which assumes other forms as soon as it slips off from one . Sometimes we come across strangers who look familiar  . I believe that’s because when our energy touches theirs , somethings are bound to happen . We are instantly sure that it’s not the first time we’ve felt them.There’s some reminiscence hanging along with it . The  poem here is based on similar lines , which are strict beliefs of mine .Enjoy !!!  
Take my hand embrace my arms 

There’s familiarity dripping from all those scars 

Tripping over the smoke of your soul 

There are memories spelled all over your charms 

Are there strings around our hearts 

That pull us back again to the start 

Or are these all just myths of time 

longingness of my apparitions are never to part 
Faded away are my glories 

For scratches of epochs are sadistic

Nothing before your shine and sparkle

Lost and weak , I’m all but darkled  


My psyche roars and calls you 

To stay and don’t leave again 

Complete what’s left behind before 

The shrieks of mine can wreck all chains 
But if our destinies aren’t to meet

Won’t forget the whispers of your breath 

The beats of your heart , passion pretty rife

Would help me to find you afresh 

in another life !
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The chase of dark 

( background to the poem : In our  modern times , where people are eveready to add wings ,  explore the unknowns , sacrificing their bonds and leaving their nests , this poem is an attempt to tell people that wherever you are always stay sincere to your family . it emphasizes on the gloomy chases of things out of our reaches which further leaves us empty handed and persuades us to regret decisions of parting ways . The image of a  dandelion blown by wind is used , the depth of which is left upon you to decipher . enjoy !!!!)

Chase of things not meant to be mine

Often Leaves alone in night to dine

Hope of sunrise drives me far

I Gulp my blood in a glassof wine



Blinded by the glow of fake stars

Set the sails high I’ll be voyaging far

Far enough from human sight

Brave crusader of the moonless night



Spread of wings appeals a lot

But Terrors are hidden beyond the cloud

For time stops and breath ceases

When lightning strikes big and loud


Memories of home opens tap of tears

The most beautiful things left behind

Tree detaches itself from roots

Goes dry and at last smears



Sham beautiful sweets taste bitter

In Haste of love left real glitter

Reminiscence of past calls in disguise

Valedictory voices as I close my eyes ………..


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